NetApp Private Storage for AWS

NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows enterprise customers to combine the performance and control of private storage resources with the efficiency and elasticity benefits of the AWS cloud. The offering integrates NetApp FAS enterprise storage, AWS cloud and network resources into an infrastructure solution for on-demand performance computing. With this solution, organizations gain public cloud cost, flexibility and time to market benefits while maintaining data control, compliance and mobility.

NetApp FAS enterprise storage is connected to AWS through a dedicated high-speed connection called Amazon Direct Connect. The package provides all the foundational services in quick-start CloudAttach packages including AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Direct Connect network connection, NetApp vFiler and integration services to streamline deployment.

The Avnet CloudAttach package includes:

Offering Feature Standard
Secure, high-performance integration between NetApp storage and AWS resources using high-speed AWS Direct Connect Yes
Setup of NetApp FAS, networks and compute environment with software integration that enables rapid deployment of workloads Yes
AWS EC2 reserved instances delivered inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provide the security and compute flexibility with the ability to customize the VPC acrchitecture to meet specific business requirements Yes
Flexible access methods to the VPC with a direct connection through AWS internet Gateway or VPN Gateway Service to support end-user application use and administration functions Yes
Ability to address a range of performance requirements with 1Gb or 10Gb Direct connection options between AWS and the Peak Data Center Yes
Off-site administration of the storage environment with remote access to NetApp Data with customer On Tap operating system. Yes
Optional customer-provided data replication link support for connectivity between customer data center and the Peak Data Center Yes
Storage hosting locations New York, NY
Eliminate capital investment for the NetApp FAS enterprise storage Yes
Internet-based access to shared storage provided Yes
Managed maintenance of the NetApp FAS hardware and environment Yes
Physical integration of the NetApp components delivered to the AWS Direct Connect colocation facility for provisioning as a one time fee. Custom

Technical Specifications

Features Description
AWS VPC with EC2 reserved instances 100% dedicated per month Instances Type:

  • Small 1.7GB Memory; 1 EC2 Unit (1core with 1 unit each); 32/64 bit Windows or Linux
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Firewall services
  • Dedicated VPN or Internet Gateway access
Direct Connect Networking
  • Layer 2/3 switching
  • Multiple connection types supported 10 Gig fiber, and copper
  • Supports BGP routing
  • Supports Multiple VLANs
Term Commitment
  • A term commitment of 12 months applies to all packages
  • Added options for the CloudAttach 500s are co-terminus with package

CloudAttach 500-S


(Shared NetApp FAS)1

    • 4 Small Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances @ 100 monthly usage. Regular AWS rates apply for additional resources
    • 5TB base storage on Secure Multi-Tenant NetApp FAS deployed in cluster mode
    • Unlimited in/6TB Out
    • Shared storage with L2/L# networking, management, and maintenance
    • Amazon Direct Connect to NetApp FAS 1 Gb wih 1 hop iSCSI; 10GB option available1
    • Point to Point VPN tunnel termination point
    • Up to 25 MB internet bandwidth to NetApp FAS throught the VPN

1CloudAttach 500-S additional options and fees:

  • 1 TB incremental NetAPP FAS: $300/month
  • 7 Mode virtual NetAPP FAS/On Tap Edge: $3,333/month with a 10TB limit
  • Upgrade to 100Mb internet Bandwidth: $800/month
  • Direct Point to Point connectivity with hardware, customer managed circuit and VLAN extended to virtual NetApp FAS: Custom Quote
  • Linux or Windows based “Jump” compute: Custom Quote