Colo-plus with IO

io-mods-7-300x203Colocation is the practice of using offsite space for the hosting of compute, network and storage resources. Colocation has proven a cost effective way for corporations to enhance their IT capabilities by providing high quality data center space without the CAPEX, and while optimizing OPEX costs and time associated with building and operating a data center environment.

Avnet Colo-Plus with IO provides cloud provisioned colocation that can be quickly deployed in enterprise-class IO data centers. This offering provides you with the necessary data center resources including space, fully redundant power and high-availability bandwidth and can be operational within 15-days.

HEAT Technologies has formed a partnership with IO, a leading provider of next-generation modular data center technology and services, and invested to develop pre-packaged and priced colocation offerings exclusively through HEAT Technologies. You are able to quickly provision colocation services by selecting the tiered package based on your requirements for space, power and bandwidth. Additionally, you have the option of utilizing an East coast (NJ) or West coast (AZ) data center facility.

The offering includes:

  • Physical Security: Enterprise class security includes gated entry to facility; key pad/badge entry to buildings and dual-factor biometric access to data cabinets.
  • Advanced Cabinets: Customer cabinets include power distribution units (PDUs) and secure access through combination locks.
  • Highly Available Bandwidth: Access to the internet is provided over a redundant network based on Cisco equipment.
  • Fully Redundant (Active/Active) Power: Power is supplied over fully redundant delivery hardware. No duplications take place within the IO environment making power outages highly unlikely.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM): Using an HTML 5 compliant browser, the DCIM tool enables you to set thresholds for alerting the end-customer/help desk resources as issues arise.


Technical Specifications

  • Square Feet: 538,000 (AZ); 831,000 (NJ)
  • Power Capacity: 41 MW (currently deployed), expandable to 120 MW;
    dedicated, on-site sub-station (AZ); 30 MW (currently deployed),
    expandable to 100 MW; dedicated, on-site sub-station (NJ)
  • Network: Carrier-neutral
  • Biometric based physical security
  • Tier III Certified


    • 45U Cabinet
    • Independently keyed front and rear doors
    • Dual 208V@20 Amp circuits (Active/Active)
    • 10Mb Internet Access;
      2.5MB burst (25%)


    • 45U Cabinet
    • Independently keyed front and rear doors
    • Dual 208V@30 Amp circuits (Active/Active)
    • 20Mb Internet Access;
      5MB burst (25%)


    • 45U Cabinet
    • Independently keyed front and rear doors
    • Dual 208V@20 Amp circuits (Active/Active)
    • 40Mb Internet Access;
      10MB burst (25%)